Eat your way
to better


Hi, my name is Sam,

I am a certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach who can empower you to become the best version of yourself. My ethos stems from a belief that we are all unique and our lives can be enhanced by nutritious natural healthy food. I believe in finding your balance: nutrition, movement, sleep and recovery to improve energy, deepen knowledge and make smart choices about real foods that suit your body. I facilitate clients to feel, look and move better.

I have 27 years of teaching experience, working with vulnerable children and families to remove barriers to learning and ensure children reach their full potential and be the best they can be. I am passionate about learning and facilitating others to develop new skills to enhance well being and life. I support emotional regulation to manage emotional wellbeing in both children and adults. As a life long learner myself, and to improve wellbeing for myself and my family, I have completed Level 1, The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition with Precision Nutrition. I have always held a passion for food; preparing, making, experimenting, cooking, exploring flavours and textures and of course tasting and eating! I am ready to bring all of these skills together to coach you to eat healthily, sleep mindfully and exercise/move with a smile.

My dream is that our next generation will be confident around food, be strong and resilient so that they can live by the ethos that good nutrition, movement, sleep and emotional wellbeing makes you feel awesome.

Taylor: Your Nutrition will change the way you think about food for ever.