Health is the new diet in 2020

Re-think your thinking

It’s the start of another year and all around me there are people stating expectations and resolutions for the new year, 2020. The majority of these are linked to restricting food. Does this sound familiar? Have you tried every diet but remain frustrated that you continue to want to change your relationship with food and lose weight? There is a plethora of expert books, diets, research and advice to read, follow and explore. With all of this great information, why are we still working on our diets?

There are many complex reasons for our continued investment in the diet industry and all that it offers. I want to offer you an alternative to the traditional focus on foods that are considered ‘good’. This alternative is linked to the way you think about food and your mindset or attitude towards food. Ask yourself: what does food mean to me? Take a moment to reflect on this question, consider the feelings it evokes, who you think about, what does it mean to you? I hope you currently have a smile on your face thinking on a deeper level about food. Food frequently evokes positive feelings in us and the term ‘diet’ restricts this loveliness, creating tension in our thinking. We are driven to enjoy the pleasures in life, but our ‘diet’ makes us feel that we need to restrict ourselves. Is it any wonder we fall off the wagon?

Take a moment to re-focus your thinking about food. Instead of ‘I shouldn’t…’, ‘It’s bad to eat…’, ask yourself if what you are eating supports your overall health and wellbeing. Does your current diet make you feel and look good, ie is it a healthy one for you? This re-focus creates new thoughts, feelings and mindset around food, and these more positive thoughts help to create changes in habits that are more sustainable in the long term. Finding your ‘why’; the reason that you want to focus on health in 2020 will keep you on track to achieve your goals. Ask yourself why you want to change. Then ask yourself why this is important to you and continue to ask this question until you reach the root of your desires. For example: Why diet? I want to lose weight, Why is that important? I want to play ball games with my kids without puffing like a train, Why is that important? I love playing with my kids but I can’t right now. Why is that important? I’m missing out on my kids. You may need to ask why 5 times or more before you get to the real root of why you want to make a change. If you get emotional, you know you have found your why. This final answer is why you want to change your food input and improve your health. Write it down and refer back to it frequently until it is a part of you, eg I want to play ball games with the kids.

Create new habits around the food you eat

What we choose to eat is an investment in our own health (rather than a diet). We literally are what we eat and absorb as the amazing machine of our bodies breaks down our food and uses it throughout our body. The complexity of this process continues to be understood by researchers and scientists. The development of our understanding has expanded greatly in the last 10 years, and continues to develop. On a more simple level, ask yourself about the food you put into your mouth. Does it make you feel good about yourself? Is it supporting your overall goals to health and wellness?

The traditional strategy of change is to say the words, ‘that’s it, I’m not eating/drinking like that again’, only to find yourself doing just the thing you didn’t want to do after a few days/weeks, or 6 weeks if you are doing really well. Thinking, and therefore behaviour has remained the same. In order to effect change, we need to think differently and our behaviours will follow. When we try to change everything all at once, it is overwhelming and difficult to sustain. In contrast, if we change 1 habit at a time, it allows us to focus and achieve our goals, eg. I will eat 2 vegetables every day. This re-think of your thinking creates long term shift, one habit at a time. Your habits will create a long term healthy lifestyle that will keep you healthy for longer, not just while you are on a diet. ‘I’m on a diet’ will no longer be a phrase you use. This will be replaced by ‘I eat well and I feel healthy’.

Want to learn more about this approach? Contact me today and together we can make your goals a reality, not just for 2020 but for the long term. Wave goodbye to the concept of ‘diet’ for ever and create a life of health and wellness.

Cooking with kids

Putting the colour on the monster eyes for our
Monster Crispy Bars

I read in an article this week, that home cooking is a declining skill. Our grandparents would be hard pushed to recognise the ‘food’ we eat as food. Reflecting on this sad issue, I am thankful to my Mum for encouraging me to cook from fresh and supporting me through Home Economics at school. Those lifts to school carrying a bagful of ingredients was worth the effort; I love home cooking! It remains one of my passions in life. Not only does feeding my family fresh, nutritional ingredients fill me with pride, it is my stress buster. Win-win!

We’re going on a Monster Hunt fun

Recently, our family friend’s son came to our house for a sleep-over. What a great opportunity to share my love of home cooking with the next generation. Our delightful 3 year old loves getting his cooking apron on and getting his hands into a bowl of ingredients. All of that wonderful language as well as developing many skills made the experience fun filled and that was before we ate our ‘Monster Rice Crispie bars’. We’d already been on a Monster Hunt around the kitchen (using the fabulous story We’re going on a bear hunt) and added more fun to our Monster weekend by creating monsters with many eyes. Special thanks to the great website Eats Amazing for the recipe and ideas. What a wonderful and memorable kitchen experience for us all.

Welcome to the new you.

Hayley Devine in action

Welcome to the first blog on my website. Here you will find wellness tips, recipes, nutrition guidance, interesting articles to read and inspirational advice to live a healthy life.

A massive thank you to the lovely Hayley Devine for creating me this amazing website. Her patience and fantastic design ideas have been inspirational in helping me to get started in my new adventure.

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